What does “ Debutante” mean?

In other words it means beginner for the Vienna Ball in particular it means ladies and gentlemen visiting this ball for the first time. It also means those young people dancing a special choreography and Viennese Waltz to declare the Ball open.

The choreographer of the Ball in Cyprus Tatiana Zenevich has conducted the ballroom dance courses and trained debutantes of Vienna Ball. Dance lessons will be held for the three months (Nicosia) prior to the Ball on December 30, 2021, for adults and on April 24, 2022, for children.


We are looking for 12 couples of debutantes who will open the ball in grand style.

You must be able to dance, but do not worry, we have the dance instructor, who will teach you all the steps. Will not only teach you the Viennese Waltz, but also Gallop, Polka, Polonez, Foxtrot, Tango.

How much are the costs for joining?!
Debutantes of the 9th Charity Vienna Ball


- Entrance for debutantes: free
- Dance lessons (for 3 months): free
- Rental of tailcoat (for men): 50 euro. 
- Rental of ballroom dress with the accessories (for ladies): 70 euro.
- Food and beverages all the ball  for debutantes:  Free   
- Accommodation: it is your choice if you prefer staying at the Hilton Hotel: 120 Euro

You are welcome to invite your second halves and friends!!!

VB3 web.jpg
Debutants of the 2nd Children's Vienna Ball 


- Age: from 6 to 14 years old.
- Dance lessons (for 3 months): 100 euro
- Etiquette lessons: included in the above price
- Food and beverages all the ball for debutantes:  Free   
- Rental of tailcoats/ ballroom dresses: depends on the availability